Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bila sudah...


Bila sudah malas baca journal (padahal baru pukul 12 pm), bila sudah mengantuk, bila sudah lapar, bila perangai sudah macam2, apa yang best?

Tengok Glee. Saya tak suka tengok rancangan bersiri, sebab bila dah tertengok sekali, terus terjebak. Tiap-tiap minggu sanggup balik rumah awal semata-mata nak tengok Glee. 3 minggu saya terlepas Glee, so hari nie qada' 3 siri sekaligus boleh?

 Thanks to Google image.

Tak best sungguh rasanya jadi pemalas!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am so blessed to be reminded..


Today, I receive an email from my superior when I was working with GH. He is one of the best people who I have been working with, apart from my degree's academic advisor. I am so blessed to know such a person who is so calm and humble, always showered us (junior researchers) with advices and guidance, good management skills and off course, a brilliant one. In his email, he said something that snapped me at once, because of what he said is always true, especially after my confession to him during my last visit to his grand office. I am not ashamed at all, to admit that at one point of my life, my anger used to control my life and decision. Wisdom was not my strong character, plus, I was a rebellion. For me, rules are made to be broken.

Over the years, especially in USA, I met humble, down-to-earth people that informally teach me to respect people specialty and expertise, regardless of their status of education. Being a PhD holder in one field does not simply mean you are an expert in everything as you might think. He never fails to remind me that, always being moderate on what you say. I learned from him how to not haughtily speak, which I try not to most of the times, except before a braggart person. I realized that complaining is my middle name, but I always pray to Allah S.W.T, please avoid me from being such a person showing no gratitude. I try to control my anger, despite not to the fullest degree; I learned to reduce the bad attitude gradually. Nevertheless, if I ever said or acted so, please please please forgive me, as it was accidental.

I accept his advice with an open heart and appreciation, because I know he deeply cares for me. To Tuan Haji Mohd Pilus Zamri, you may not read this, but I pray to Allah S.W.T to bless you and your family with His mercy and love.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back to work


After countless hours on roads, a cramped neck and legs, repeated meals of McD fillet-o-fish and off course, two months worth of rent and bills, I am finally back to work. The trip wasn't that amazing, considering the poor transportation arrangement by the tour company, and plus some shenanigans caused by the passengers that are mainly from the Tanah Besar. To make it worse, a vacation without my significant other. I wish to list all the things that turned me into an old grumpy lady throughout the trip, but why must I add salt to a wound. To the least, I am so happy to meet my sister (Husna a.k.a Una) who manage to tolerate my crankiness hahaha.

The tour covered a handful of places, including Las Vegas, West Rim of Grand Canyon, Solvang (in CA), San Francisco (including the crookedest street, Golden Gate, Chinatown (What could you expect when you join a Chinese-based tour company), Fisherman's Wharf, City Hall) and Yosemite National Park. The rush to be on time severely limited my exploration, who usually spend more hours on fewer places. After all, I did enjoy the National Park. Hopefully, I'll have enough of vitamin R to upload my pictures later.

 LA- SF- Yosemite route

 LA - LV - Grand Canyon route. The roads aren't highlighted because the Google Map cannot find the route to the Grand Canyon.

Today, I managed to finish some of the postponed work high-spiritedly (perhaps after spending so much money? hehehe). Few major works left, but I am done with some minor ones. Fieldwork are scheduled to begin on 1st June, so my fingers are crossed, hoping that weathers will favor me this year. I am praying to Allah that my fieldwork will sail smoothly and hopefully, nothing major will happen that can crush my spirit, which most of the time can easily crumble and fall apart hehehe. Doakan saya yea!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

End of Spring '11 semester


  • I am done with exams, papers etc on last Tuesday. Those heavy burdens are finally lifted from my shoulders and sleeps hehe. Just to share something though, my advisor's another student borrowed my term paper, her reason is she never write one (she just arrived this semester), and she needed a guide. Guess what? She used the same topic as mine, use the same content and body. When I glanced at her presentation slides that she opened on her computer, (she sits next to me in the Grad Lab) she suddenly closed the file. Feeling guilty for being loose on integrity, perhaps? Heck, no way I am giving her any of my reports and exams after this!! Rasa nak p report aje on plagiarism. Sincere advice for myself: Do I need to learn how to say NO to people's face? I don't mind helping out people, AT ALL, at any degree, but often times people take advantages on me :(
  • Tested my model, Alhamdulillah. Seems to work at different locations and crop varieties. Hoping that this year data will strengthen the results. If it is not, I need to formulate a new model, from scratch, which I am hoping to eliminate this painful process of remodeling (Anyway, dah tade idea huhu). Dengan penyelia yang gitugitu, saya tanak extend.
  • Need a commendation letter from the departmental chair, and he asked for my resume. Considering that I have a good industrial training background that I pick up at 6 different entities,  from UTM (as RA) to ESRI South East Asia (A GIS company) to Golden Hope Research Center (RO), I only have 2 proceedings and none publications at all. Sedih giler ok dengan prestasi diri sendiri. 
  • I am doing so well in classes but extremely (dasyat sungguh bunyinya, tapi nak guna mediocre tak  layak langsung) poor in my research. I wonder if there is any classes only PhD program anywhere, because I want to be the first person to enroll!!
  • I am going to Grand Canyon next week, for a mental preparation before a long, hot summer fieldwork from June to Sept (including Ramadhan), 6 am to 5 pm. Anyway who is interested in losing weight (a lot of weight) please, my home and me welcome you!!! (I lost 7 kg and gained tanned skin - jimat duit tak yah gi slimming and tanning program hehehe)
  • My friend, Shilpi defensed her dissertation today and she passed with flying colors. Minor corrections saje. I am so happy for her but totally envious!! Arrghh bila kesengsaraan ku nak abes? 
  • Visited dentist to refill the chipped, old filling on my tooth. Been charged usd261, Imran kata dah boleh beli LCD 32". Hoping that the insurance will cover that. Kalau kat Malaysia, rm800 p dentist, toksahkan tampal, siap boleh polish gigi tu sampai berkilat, tampal semua2 lubang lama, asah gigi mcm artis2 tu, and still ada balance boleh makan KFC, huh!

 Patut la kat sini Dr boleh pakai Lamborghini, kalau satu gigi usd200, satu hari 10 patient, dah berapa tu?.